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Icon Electric in Monroe Township, NJ is a locally owned business that provides full electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We have a reputation for bringing quality and professional work that our customers appreciate.

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Our team of licensed and friendly technicians will assist you in projects that involve the installation of electrical wiring. We have the expertise to deliver results, whether you have simple connection needs or complex power system requirements. There may be several ways to address your situation, but we will find the most effective one for you at the best value.

Why Choose Us

When running a business, you need the help of a skilled electrician to avoid downtime and other inefficiencies. Hiring a professional for home repairs is also a good idea since they will have the right equipment and expertise, ensuring the safety of your property and your family.

With the help of our team, the last thing you will have to worry about is your electrical circuits. Our commitment to providing superior service at a great value sets us apart from the competition. We also guarantee that the electrician we send over to your home or office will come up with the option that fits your needs and your budget.

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Our electricians at Icon Electric have the power to make things better. Reach out to us for more information.